It’s the


that’s impressive

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Follow the rhythm

Crazy by Gnals Barkley is a contemporary soul song with a verity of other genres attached to it including pop, neo soul, psychedelic soul and alternative rock. There is some debate around the songs meaning with it being said that, as the title suggests, the song is about losing your mind while others propose it’s about enlightenment. I prefer the latter description but either way it’s hard to escape the draw of the songs smooth beat and hypnotic feel both of which I have attempted to capture below in my presentation of the song’s lyrics.

I’ve dropped the Spotify link below so have a listen, follow the lyrics and enjoy!

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About me

Hello! I’m Rachel. I’m a psychology post grad back studying at Ulster University to learn everything I can about user experience and user interface design. My goal is to make functional and beautiful digital designs that capture the ethos behind companies, projects and individuals in human centred outcomes that will enhance the user’s experience.

I’ve made my manifesto “It’s the process that’s impressive” as I believe we can all fixate a little on final outcomes and their success or failure and overlook the learning we have gained in the process. I think one of the most difficult things a person can overcome in life is the fear of failure however if we can look at failure as an important part of the learning process rather than a measure of success or self-worth, we can become unstoppable.